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Screen Printing & Embroidery 

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Screen Printing

Whats is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a method of imprinting designs onto fabric items like shirts, sweatshirts, and aprons using inks. It involves pushing inks through sheer fabric screens onto the garment. The number of screens required depends on the design's colors. Our automated presses apply each ink layer accurately, adjusting pressure based on design, ink type, and fabric texture. Our design team breaks down your logo into separate color screens for printing.



Embroidery is the art of using threads to create textured designs on clothing and fabric items. It involves sewing the image or pattern directly onto garments like shirts, jackets, caps, and sweatshirts. Our designers transform artwork into intricate stitch sequences through a process called "digitizing." Larger designs take more time to set up and sew.

Our advanced embroidery machines can incorporate up to 15 thread colors into a design and work on multiple garments simultaneously. Embroidery offers durability, maintaining its quality even after repeated washing. The result is a design with depth, dimension, and a luxurious appearance, enhancing the item's perceived value.


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968 Monterey St.

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